Installation Guide

There is a common issue--tiny leaking coused by 2 reasons:
A. The RO membrane wasn't installed well.
B. The metal rings that are not tight enough.
Here are some simple steps and tips to fix the issue:
  1. Shut off the valve and open the faucet. It helps to drain the water that inside the tubing.
  2. Keep the system standing while you loose the metal ring.
  3. Pour out all the water inside the canister.
  4. Upside down the system body on a towel and push the RO membrane end into the base. you will feel a click if the RO membrane sits firmly and securely.
Tip 1: Tight the metal ring more harder.
Tp 2: The attached PTFE tape is the best product for stopping the leaking of threads. (know more)
Tip 3: switch the canisters, sometime the thread could match more better with another one.

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