Best Tankless Revese Osmosis system!

By Amazon Customer on February 19, 2018 ★★★★★

I’m SO impressed with this system! I’m very picky and was really having a difficult time finding a reverse osmosis system because I don’t like that the water sits in the RO plastic tank. I also like that this has two levers, one that gives “filtered purified water” you can wash vegetables etc. The other is Pure RO water for drinking. You DO need to make sure you have a power source near by as the system comes with a booster pump. I made one modification (see picture). I added an “inline” mineralizer. The result is pure structured water that tastes like it is from a Mountain Spring. I didn’t realize how bad my water was before until I tasted it from this system.

The best RO system so far...

By Hamlik on April 22, 2018 ★★★★★

-Easy to install.
-No leaks.
-Takes very little room, in comparison.
- Two filter options; RO and Activated Carbon.

The reason I purchased this RO system is because the water comes does not come in contact with plastic as much as other RO systems. I'm trying to remove plastics from our home... or reduce it. The only plastic parts are the ones shown in the photos I took. Which I'm in the process of replacing most of it. Other RO systems have a large tank which is using plastic bladder to keep the water pressurized, you really don't want that... This RO system uses a pump with limited contact with the water.

I let the system flush for a few seconds before I used the water. Read the instructions carefully; the machine will ask you to flush from time to time, meaning it will stop the pump and ask you to turn on the other valve to flush it (very easy); just don't panic when the pump stops working, its by design...

*side note for the manufacturer: Please reduce the use of plastics to make this the perfect RO system. Flush the canisters before shipping; there was some kind of a buildup inside the walls of the two middle cans. I had to wash them manually to remove the buildup.

-Update: purchased this item on March 25, 2018. It still works. My other RO systems survived for about 6 months. No issues so far. Just flushed it a few times when it indicated to do so on the display. Only thing I've noticed is that when I open the faucet I have to wait a second or two before the pump kicks in; it wasn't like this in the beginning.

Great RO system ever

By Alice on March 29, 2018 ★★★★★

Tankless is my favorite feature which allowing us open the faucet to get fresh pure water as much as we want in anytime.
The two switches faucet is a nice design, one for washing and one for drinking, very clever. I have removed my old useless faucet.
Last thing I like is the common standard filters which I can bought from everywhere. The filters replacement in the future will be very easy.
I really like this machine. Way better than others.

Way better than ISpring. This unit is great.

By AJ on March 16, 2018 ★★★★★

I bought the ISpring 500 gallon per day, and it never worked and it still does not work. They spent all their effort telling why they wouldn’t honor the warranty rather than helping me fix it.

I just received this unit an hour ago, it’s up and running (already had an RO faucet installed) so it was easy. The filters were already installed except for the RO filter, which had a separate sheet detailing the easy process. Plug in the 3 hoses and it works fine, water is good flow, fills a glass quickly. I have no need for the hose which just filters water, so I didn’t hook it up.

I have high nitrates and use it to change several tropical aquariums water. That is how I discovered I had a nitrate problem. I’ve used an RO unit from ISpring for years. The 100 gallon per day model. Which worked OK but was so slow it’s nearly useless. My nitrates from the well are around 200, EPA says 20 is the max recommend. I’ve had an RO for about 5 years, which we only used for drinking because it was so slow. This unit is at least 4 times faster and I’d think about adding a second unit at this price.

Also, the unit on top has an LED showing the life span of each filter. It takes all standard 10x2 filters, so replacement is simple. This unit is heads above ISpring, whose customer service is terrible.

Summary, easy to install and water quality is very good, the free TDS meter shows 10ppm the same as the much slower and more expensive 100GPD model, and nitrates for both units are zero. No problems so I can not say how customer service is. ISpring is terrible. Day one highly recommend this unit. Considering a second to have enormous RO flow.

Many added features for the price

By DJC on April 5, 2018 ★★★★★

Great product!!!! In my third month of use. Installation is a breeze. You do need a power source for it to work. Quality parts. Many added features for the price. Dual faucet has to be the biggest plus. The ro "pure" water for drinking and the "purified" pre-ro water for use for cleaning, steamers, boiling, ice maker or any high demand use. This feature saves the ro membrane. I added re-mineralizing and alkaline filters to ro output. It has a filter change indicator and auto/manual flush feature to clear the system of creep. Outstanding customer service.