Special coupons

You can apply for a member-only coupon every 60 days. This coupon can be used with other coupons, at lest 15% discount.

New product trial group

You can give priority to the new product trial group: you will order the new product with more than 70% discount.

Huge promotional offer alert

Irregularly, we will launch the Lightning Deals, and you will get the alert email first.

The trial of the new version of remineralize filter set

We will choose 12 VIP members and send them 2 large discount coupons(more than 50%), receiveĀ the feedback the using issues or comments.

If you have any questions about the product trial group, please contact our support email: support@purifyguru.com

Hope we can do some excellent work together.


How to join the VIP Club

There are 3 ways to join as a VIP member.
1. Be invited by our support team. If you received a invitation email from our support, you are our VIP member.
2. Be our product reviewer. Once you leave a review on the PG-400-AZ, you could email and inform our support team to start the process.
3. Recommend our system to a friend and buy it. If you recommend a friend, email our support and confirm order detail, then start the process.

The warranty and support term is rock solid whether you join VIP or not.

We will cancel your VIP membership under these circumstances below:
1. If you didn't order any products for 24 consecutive months.
2. If you canceled online reviews.
3. Any acts or cheats that harm fairness.


If you can't be sure about how to join...

Our support team will answer all the questions you may have in 365/7/24.