Why my system alert check?

When the Purify guru PG-400-AZ didn’t working, if it alert “check”, that’s means the inside presure for RO membrane is not good.
There are 2 issues couse the unstable presure:

    1. The Wrongly installed RO membrane.
    2. The system was working over 100 min.


The Wrongly installed RO membrane.

To make sure the installation of RO membrane is 100% right, you only need to follow 2 steps:

  • upside down the system body and put it on a table.
  • push the membrane’s top-end into the system, make sure it won’t fall off when you turn the system body back on normal positon.

Tip 1: If you are re-installing the RO membrane after power off, take a container bigger than 0.5 gallon (2L) to get the water inside the system.
Tip 2: After the re-installation, keep the faucet switch on for 2-10 minutes flushing to remove the TDS.

The system was Overworking.

The PG-400-AZ was designed for under-sink, and household drinking water, in that case, to protect the RO membrane and other components, the system will temporarily and actively stop working.

But in most case, the faucet didn’t switch off enough and water leaked slowly. when it happened, power off the “check” alerting system and REST it for 10 minutes.

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